Board of Trustees

Family and Children’s Services (FACS) seeks Board members who share our passion and commitment to fulfilling the agency’s mission and whose expertise, connections and resources will help to realize the mission.

There are a number of ways for Board members to support the mission of FACS through policy direction and oversight of agency resources.
  1. Provide counsel and other assistance to FACS management and committees
  2. Attend all Board and assigned committee meetings 
  3. Serve as a member or chair of working committees
  4. Review material as needed for effective Board and committee participation
  5. Provide leadership, guidance and support to agency resource development efforts
  6. An annual contribution and participation at agency events are expected, as well as, seek financial support from other individuals and organizations on the agency’s behalf
  7. Act as Agency ambassador to promote the mission of FACS including recommending candidates for Board membership. 
Board membership applications / résumé should be mailed to:

Family and Children’s Services
Board Recruitment Committee, c/o Nancy Delaney
40 North Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ 07208

For additional information about joining the Board, please contact us at : 908.352.7474 or visit us on the web:

Frequently Asked Questions

Once a suitable and interested individual has been identified for board membership review, what is the next step?
Board membership application and accompanying resume should be submitted to the Executive Director.
The application and qualifications will be reviewed and if deemed suitable for further committee review, a board prospect packet will be mailed to the candidate requesting an interview.

What can a prospect expect during and after the interview?
At the interview, a minimum of two active board members, the executive director and possibly a staff member will meet with the prospect to discussion mission, interest, experience, talent, time, connections and resource / giving capacity.

After the interview, all interviewers complete a prospect interview summary and forward to Committee Chair with their recommendations. If recommendation is to bring to full Board for vote, that will happen at the next regularly schedule full Board meeting.

What is the notification process after the full Board has voted and accepted the nomination?
An acceptance letter by the Board President will be mailed to the newly nominated member. At this time, the Board will request member’s acceptance, commitment to participate in an active committee and make pledge based on financial ability. The Board will also meet annually in June for officer/member elections.

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