Status of Internship Program:

Our internship program—for the academic school year (September-May 2017-2018) is full.  The next time that we will begin interviewing students is March/April of 2018 for the September-May 2018-2019 school year.  Students seeking placement after June 1st, 2018 are late in the process.


Students who can currently apply for an internship:

Currently, we are only interviewing candidates from schools that we have an affiliation agreement with (Rutgers, Kean, Columbia, NYU).  Interested students should first check with their Field Education Department to ensure that an affiliation agreement is established, so that we can interview them when our next cycle opens up in March/April of 2018.


Students seeking to initiate an Affiliation Agreement:

Students cannot personally initiate this process.  However, they can request that their Field Education Department contact FACS to request an affiliation agreement.  Only accredited Masters Level Programs (MA/MS/MSW) can seek an affiliation agreement with FACS.  Requests should be sent to:


Programs/disciplines we are unable to provide an internship for:

Marriage & Family Therapists and Doctoral Level Psychology students.


For more information please contact:

Michele Eichorn, LCSW
Clinical Director of Programs