Kinship Legal Guardianship
Kinship Legal Guardianship is a legal option chosen by those who want a long-term plan for the child in their care.

The KINCARE Program offered at Family & Children’s Services provides services to families who reside in Union County.
The agency provides:
  • In-Home or In-Office Counseling
  • Behavioral Support
  • Information / Referral
  • Respite Services

How can the agency help?
Through the KinCare program, we give
behavioral support, In-home or In-office
counseling, respite, and referrals for other

Do I qualify?
Any family who has obtained legal guardianship
of a child and resides in Union County can
participate in this program.

Do I need a referral?
No referral is needed; just call our main office
and request to speak with our intake worker to
get started. Our main number is 908.352.7474

How much does it cost?
The services are provided at no cost to the

How do I get started?
After you speak with our intake worker, our
KinCare Program supervisor will call you to set
up an appointment for you.

Is there anything else you can tell me
about your service?
Our therapists are caring and compassionate.
They are trained in providing therapy to children
and their families who have chosen

How KinCare helped Tyrone

Tyrone, a 10 year old boy, lives with his aunt
and uncle who have been his guardians since
he was eight years old. His mother lives nearby
and is trying to overcome a drug problem. His
father suffers from a chronic illness and is
unable to work, although he often visits.
Tyrone’s aunt, Mrs. Williams, called FACS to
see what services Tyrone could receive. She
spoke with a KINCARE therapist who offered
counseling and respite services and provided
information to her about other support services
in their community. Mrs. Williams chose to
receive counseling for Tyrone because he was
very shy and seemed not to have many friends.
As the therapist met with Tyrone each week,
they talked about his interests, and worked on a
plan to help him feel more comfortable when
socializing with peers at school and in his
neighborhood. From time to time Mr. and Mrs.
Williams joined the sessions so that they could
all share their thoughts with each other. Tyrone
opened up to his guardians and talked about his
concerns about his birth family and his
uncertainty about how to fit in with his peers. Mr.
and Mrs. Williams were supportive and
encouraging. The family planned some activities
together and invited Tyrone’s classmate to come
with them. Over time, Tyrone began to see that
his family cared about him and could help him
when he needed them. His self-esteem
improved and his grades improved. He learned
also that he was a talented graphic artist and his
guardians enrolled him in art classes. By the
time sessions at FACS were completed, Tyrone
and his family reported that a lot had improved
for them and they felt Tyrone was headed in the
right direction.


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