In-Service / Community Based Learning

Family and Children’s Services (FACS) welcomes young individuals to be part of the community service experience via    in-service / community based learning. Students in middle school, high school or college, are afforded the opportunity to give back to their communities while meeting the requirements of today’s schools or other community empowered organizations. Through the volunteering of their time, energy, talents or personal resources, they help the Agency fulfill its mission of strengthening families and building better futures for all individuals within their communities.

In-service or community based learning volunteers can participate and help with a host of community based and/or agency activities such as:

  • Mentorship - Students helping Students
  • High school and college students can help by assisting the Agency’s Community Service Manager in building a mentoring relationship with at-risk youth. 
  • During the year, the court system mandates that teenagers perform community service because of minor infractions committed. This gives FACS an opportunity to help the teenager comply with hours mandated by the court as well as to assist in the mentoring process. 
  • High school seniors and college students in good academic and community standing have the opportunity to assist the Community Relations
  • Manager with the important role of mentoring a teenager by helping with job assignments, homework, learning new skills, as well as proper behavior and values.


Family Oriented - Special Program Volunteers

Students can help in assisting program facilitators with setup, childcare and other needed duties within family based

agency programs.


Work-Study Program Volunteers (Entry Level)

Colleges and/or students wishing to make the connection with a not-for-profit organization such as ours in order to

fulfill an entry level work-study program can do so by calling us at 908.352.7474 Ext. 210.

Special Events Volunteers

Family and Children’s Services Donor Relations Department need your help with special events.


Beautify our World through Color For Community Empowered Companies – Facilities Volunteers

Facility beautification projects can be coordinated for companies wishing to send their employees out to the

community for a day. Funds are also welcomed.


For more information on any of these community service opportunities, please contact us at

908.352.7474 or e-mail us at maroman@facsnj.org